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Pluripotency Induction

Pluripotency Induction

Induce pluripotency with ready-to-use mRNA transcripts or lentiviral particles expressing iPSC reprogramming factors like Nanog, Oct4 or Lin28

mRNA-based Pluripotency Induction

Save time when you want instant expression after transfection and use one of SBI’s pre-made, ready-to-transfect mRNAs encoding iPSC reprogramming factors like Oct4, Nanog or Sox2.

  • Save time by delivering pre-made mRNAs
  • An anti-reverse cap analog (ARCA) to increase translation efficiency
  • Modified nucleotides (5-Methylcytidine-5'-Triphosphate and Pseudouridine-5'-Triphosphate) and a poly-A tail to enhance stability and reduce host cell immune response
  • Removal of the 5' triphosphates at the end of the RNA to further reduce innate immune responses in mammalian cells

Mrnaexpress Pluripotency

mRNAExpress Transcripts deliver robust protein expression. HEK293 cells were transfected with 2 µg of the indicated mRNAExpress Transcript using SBI’s RNAFection™ mRNA Transfection Reagent (Cat.# MR750A-1-SBI). Autofluorescence (GFP) and immunostaining of the factors are shown in green and blue is DAPI staining for nuclei. The mRNAExpress transcripts are high quality RNAs that show the expected banding pattern with the appropriate sizes.

Lentivirus-based Pluripotency Induction

Lentiviral particles for iPSC reprogramming developed by GeneCopoeia ensure the highest possible titer and quality. They express transcripton factors like Oct4, Nanog or Lin28 and are engineered for the transduction of nearly all mammalian cells, including difficult-to-transfect cells.

  • Convenient - ready for transduction upon delivery
  • High titer -  ≥ 108 TU/ml, providing efficient transduction of virtually all mammalian cell types