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Stellaris RNA FISH Hybridization & Wash Buffers

Stellaris RNA FISH Buffers

Stellaris Buffers are ideal for performing Stellaris RNA FISH on cells and tissue

The buffers contain proprietary additives to enhance signal and reduce background in assays that may typically exhibit more pronounced background fluorescence.
Before getting started with your first experiments, please download the Getting Started Guide. You can also learn more about the technology by downloading the Stellaris RNA FISH white paper.

Stellaris RNA FISH Buffers outperform Conventional RNA FISH Buffers

Stellaris Rna Fish Buffers

A direct comparison showing background reduction by using Stellaris RNA FISH Buffers, see table below. Following the adherent cell protocol, formalin fixed human cells were probed with Human POLR2A (Cat# VSMF-2293-5-BS). Left Panel: RNA FISH performed with Stellaris RNA FISH Buffers. Right Panel: RNA FISH performed with conventional RNA FISH buffer recipes. 
Please note: Results may vary according to original probe set performance and sample type.