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Stellaris RNA FISH DesignReady Probe Sets

Stellaris RNA FISH DesignReady Probe Sets

DesignReady Probe Sets take the guesswork out of designing your own custom assay

These professionally designed probe sets developed by LGC Biosearch Technologies go through rigorous pre- and post-design bioinformatic analysis to maximize specificity, and most are available in the following dyes: CAL Fluor® Orange 560, Quasar® 570, CAL Fluor® Red 590, CAL Fluor® Red 610, CAL Fluor® Red 635, Quasar® 670 and FAM (fluorescein). One set of Stellaris RNA FISH probes contains a blend of up to 48 oligos labeled with a fluorophore.

See the Stellaris Dyes and Modifications page for detailed information on all available dyes and modifications. Due to the variable autofluorescence in the green channel inherent to some cells and tissues, it is not recommended to use FAM for some Stellaris RNA FISH applications. We recommend testing your sample for green channel autofluorescence before ordering FAM labeled sets or ordering an alternative dye that is compatible with your experiment.

Before getting started with your first experiments, please download the Getting Started Guide. You can also learn more about the technology by downloading the Stellaris RNA FISH white paper.

Available Stellaris DesignReady RNA FISH Probe Sets

DesignReady Stellaris RNA FISH assays for hundreds of target genes are available as pre-designed probe sets. Enter your RNA target into the search tool above to determine whether there is a Stellaris RNA FISH DesignReady Probe Set for your target or whether you will need to design a new Stellaris RNA FISH Customized Probe Set.