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Cell-based Assays

The understanding of gene and protein functions and the regulatory mechanisms controlling these, as well as the screening for potential inhibitors or inducers of biological processes, all require the analysis of functional cells. Cultured cells constitute a comprehensive unit that enables functional analysis. Screens in cell-based systems offer accurate representation of the real-life cell model and the possibility of a dynamic experiment through in vitro monitoring of the numbers, phenotype or behavior of the live cells.
In addition to a broad collection of fluorescent proteins ranging in color from blue to far-red, a wide variety of cell-based assays designed for greater accuracy and increased throughput is provided.


As no single parameter fully defines cell death in all systems, it is often advantageous to use several different approaches when studying apoptosis. A large number of apoptosis assays is offered for the detection at the early, middle and late stages of the apoptotic cascade, and for the analysis of apoptotic events that occur in different areas of the cell, including the plasma membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria and nucleus.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is caused by the presence of any of a number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which the cell is unable to counterbalance. The result is damage to one or more biomolecules including DNA, RNA, proteins and lipids. A broad portfolio of sensitive, easy-to-use assays to quantify oxidative stress is offered.

Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity

Cell-based assays for analyzing cell growth regulation in response to growth factors, cytokines, mitogens, nutrients, chemicals, etc. are offered. They allow for the fast and sensitive quantification of cell proliferation and viability.

Cell Adhesion

Cell adhesion is a complex mechanism involved in a variety of processes including cell migration & invasion, embryogenesis, wound healing and tissue remodeling. CytoSelect Cell Adhesion Assays quantify cell adhesion using a microplate reader. No manual cell counting is necessary.

Cell Migration & Invasion

CytoSelect Cell Migration Assays are offered in two formats, Boyden chamber assays and gap closure assays. CytoSelect Cell Invasion Assays employ plates coated with ECM basement membrane, collagen I or laminin I.

Fluorescent Proteins

Ranging in color from blue to far-red, fluorescent proteins allow for the visualization of multiple events simultaneously by both fluorescent microscopy and flow cytometry. The comprehensive fluorescent protein offering comprises expression/source vectors, antibodies, recombinant proteins and stable cell lines.

Primary Cells

Primary cells are offered for applications in different research areas including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular system, dermatology, neurobiology, osteology and systems biology. They are often preferred over transformed or immortalized cell lines because they are more representative of cells in vivo.

Cell Immortalization

A comprehensive cell immortalization product line comprising recombinant lentiviral, retroviral (MMLV) and adenoviral viruses expressing EBV, HPV-16 E6/7 and SV40 T antigens, hTERT, p53 and RB siRNAs, and ras & myc mutants is offered. All these tools will make your cell immortalization project simpler and easier than ever before.


Senescence is thought to be a tumor suppressive mechanism and an underlying cause of aging. The Senescence Detection Kits are designed to detect the specific marker acidic SA-b-Gal (Senescence Assicated beta Gal) which is only present in senescent cells and not found in presenescent, quiescent or immortal cells.

Cell Transformation

Neoplastic transformation occurs via a series of genetic and epigenetic alterations that yield a cell population that is capable of proliferating independently of both external and internal signals that normally restrain growth. Quantitative, high-throughput assays designed to accurately measure cell transformation are provided.

Cell-based Assays Brochure

BioCat Brochure Diabetes & Obesity Download our product brochure presenting a wide variety of cell-based assays designed for the analysis of apoptosis, cell proliferation and cell damage as well as cell adhesion, migration and invasion.

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