Sequencing Reaction Clean Up

Sequencing Reaction Clean-up Solutions

BioCat offers various options for efficicient, convenient and cost-effective clean-up of Sanger sequencing reactions.

Optima & Performa DTR Gel Filtration Plates and Cartridges

The Optima & Performa DTR (Dye Terminator Removal) products are gel filtration plates and cartridges for removla of incorporated BigDye® and SupreDye™ als well as other dye terminators, dNTPs, salts and other low molecular weight materials from sequencing reactions. They als remove DNA primers and fragments up to 20 bp, buffer and nucleotides labeled with biotin, isotopes and other assorted markers.

ADS™ XT Purification Kit and ADS™ Sequencing Reaction Cleaning Beads

These two clean-up products were developed for different clean-up preferences. Both kits are also optimized for BigDye® and thus offer a cost-effective option.

The SupreDye™ XT Purification Kit can be used for cleanup of sequencing reactions with BigDye® and SupreDye™ chemistry. The kit uses specialized resin for contaminant binding. It can reduce sequencing signal loss and prevent any potential contamination. Compared to magnetic beads the sequencing signal strength is often better.

However, use of magnetic beads is cost-effective and is best for large-scale sequencing to save sequencing cost while still achieving high-quality sequencing results. The ADS™ Sequencing Reaction Cleaning Beads Kit is magnetic bead-based and is optimized for use of BigDye® Terminator and SupreDye™ cycle sequencing kits.

Further Clean-up Kits

Norgen Biotek offers kits for rapid purification of sequencing extension products from reaction mixes using spin column and 96-well formats.