Comprehensive Range of ELISA Kits

Thousands of Targets. 16 Species. Multiple Formats.

BioCat offers ELISA kits (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay Kits ) for the detection of thousands of targets in over 15 species including human, mouse and rat. We provide multiple assay formats like sandwich ELISAs, competitive ELISAs, phosphorylation ELISAs and cell-based ELISAs.

ELISA kits are a convenient tool for the sensitive and specific detection and accurate quantitation of your target of interest in different sample types. Our target selection includes a wide variety of proteins including cytokines, growth factors, signaling molecules as well as transcription factors and post-translational modifications.

Using our ELISA search above, you can find the ELISA kit you need by target name, UniProt ID etc.

  • Simple, non-radioactive colorimetric assays
  • Highly sensitive and specific detection
  • Broad linear range

Immuno-Quantitative ELISA Kits (IQELISAs) combine the specificity and ease of use of a sandwich ELISA with the sensitivity of real-time PCR for protein quantification. Compared to traditional ELISAs, IQELISAs enable the use of only 1/10th the sample volume while providing 10x more sensitivity.