Ready-to-use Subcellular Localization Vectors

Subcellular Localization Vectors

Tools for fluorescence labeling of subcellular structures

Subcellular localization vectors express a fluorescent protein fused to a specific protein tag directing the fusion protein to the desired subcellular location.


Ready-to-use expression vectors are available for labeling of:


Endoplasmic reticulum, endosomes, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, membrane, mitochondria, peroxisomes

Cytoskeletal and adhesion proteins

β-actin, α-actinin, VE-cadherin, EB3 protein, microtubules, talin, α-tubulin

Gap Junction Proteins

Connexin 43

Vesicular Transport Proteins

Clathrin LCB

Nuclear Proteins

Histone H2B, Lamin B1

Signal Transduction Proteins

Annexin, CD151, CDC42, paxillin, Rab-5A

Metabolic Pathway Proteins




Fluorescent microscopy of mammalian cells expressing Evrogen fluorescent proteins targeted to the different subcellular structures and proteins.