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Bioactive Compounds

Small Molecule Modulators

Small molecule modulators have become important drug development tools in life science research due to their significant advantages in the regulation of different cellular processes, ranging from cell cycle control and mitosis to signaling pathways and gene expression and from migration and wound healing to apoptosis and autophagy.

Identifying novel and robust chemical starting points remains one of the biggest challenges in drug discovery today. Over the last decade, it has been common practice during the early stage of a project to screen vast numbers of compounds in high-throughput assays in order to identify those chemicals which have the potential to modulate the target of interest. Small molecule modulators that bind to target proteins and regulate their biological activity have many advantages. In addition to their inherent stability, cell permeability and bioavailability, they can be easily manipulated and can be applied to a variety of cell or animal experiments. A large selection of small molecule modulators of hot signaling pathways is offered.

Compound libraries, grouping compounds into smaller, higher quality screening collections, are also provided.

Promising Antiviral Agents

Based on virtual screening results and combined with the recent clinical reports, our partner TargetMol has obtained some promising SARS-CoV-2 drug candidates, including Remdesivir, Darunavir, Camostat mesilate, Baricitinib, Favipiravir, Ribavirin, Chloroquine diphosphate and Nitazoxanide.