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Peptide Mapping Arrays

Peptide Mapping Arrays

Epitope Mapping and Specific Antibody Detection

Epitope mapping is a method that is often employed to identify the antigen binding sites of an antibody. However, epitope mapping can also be used in other protein interactions with high affinity, including those with proteins, chemicals, and DNA. The Peptide Mapping Arrays provided use high-quality peptides that are chemically synthesized, thereby negating many of the steps and time required with the traditional approach that involves recombinant cloning, expression, and purification of different regions of the target gene.


  • Identify high antigenicity epitopes for antibody production & vaccine development
  • Locate (auto)antigen epitopes of (auto)antibodies
  • Define the best antibody clone against the protein-of-interest
  • Perform epitope mutant analysis
  • Map B cell epitopes

Peptide Mapping Array

Immobilized peptides on a solid support.