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Animal Infectious Disease ELISAs

Lab Animal Infectious Disease ELISAs

Sensitive ELISAs for the early and reliable detection of common infections in lab animals including mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters

  • Assure the health of your animal colonies
  • Monitor undesirable infectious agents
  • Detect low levels of pathogen-specific antibodies

Early and reliable detection of infections in the colony is essential to a comprehensive laboratory animal health surveillance program. A large number of sensitive ELISAs for monitoring common pathogens in laboratory animals using components developed by our partner XpressBio and based on FELASA* recommendations is offered. Multiplexing of up to nine different antigens per well can be provided as custom service.
In addition, Animal Infectious Disease IFA Slides and and PCR Controls are also available.

*Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations


Test lab animals for common pathogens that can
- contaminate cell cultures, tissues and tumors
- cause low ascites production
- increase susceptibility to other infection/death
- interfere with other experimental procedures

Ease of Use
• Standard ELISA format (strip plates)
• Ready-to-use ELISA reagents
• Easy-to-follow directions, no special training needed
• One protocol for all assays
• Compatible with automated plate processors
• Storage temperature 2-8°C
• Delivery time <1 week

• Highly reproducible: CV <5%
• Detects low levels of antibody in early infection
• Ensures good laboratory animal health
• Antigen selection based on FELASA recommendations

• Significant savings vs. outside testing service
• 2.5 hours turnaround time
• Minimum 12 months shelf life
• Unused strips can be removed and used later
• Components also available separately and in bulk

Assay Versions
• Standard version: Kit with two 96-well plates, each with 48 antigen and 48 negative control antigen wells for background determination (the negative control antigen is obtained from bacteria not expressing the antigen)
• Optionally available: One 96-well plate with 96 antigen wells (no control antigen)
• Plates, controls, and detection reagents all available as individual products

• Custom-made plates to fit your needs
• Up to nine different pathogens per well
• 5 ul sample per assay
• Significant reduction in labor and turnaround time

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Animal Pathogens


Animal Pathogens