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TrueMAB Antibodies
Monoclonal antibodies made against authentic protein antigens

• Expression-ready
• Transfection-grade

Made Against Authentic Protein Antigens

TrueMAB™ antibodies are superior monoclonal antibodies raised against authentic protein antigens, mostly full-length proteins expressed in human cell lines. TrueMABs are great tools for immunoassays where a protein's native conformation is a critical parameter. Free lysate positive controls are included.

TrueMAB monoclonal antibodies were generated using recombinant human proteins as antigens (mostly full-length proteins expressed in human cell lines) that were affinity purified under native condition to preserve the protein conformations.

Commonly available antibodies are often generated using short peptides. But peptide antigens often fail to represent native epitope conformation due to the lack of three-dimensional structures. In particular, peptide-derived antibodies cannot recognize conformational epitopes which are primarily presented on the surface of native proteins.

In comparison to peptide-derived antibodies, TrueMAB monoclonal antibodies provide high sensitivity and specificity for the recognition of native epitopes. They are the tools of choice whenever native protein structure matters which is the case in many experimental settings.

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