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Paraffin Tissue Microarray

For Verifying Molecular Targets by High Throughput IHC and ISH

BioCat cooperates with partners in Korea, USA, Estonia and Germany which are specialised in molecular pathology to offer you a complete selection of premade tissue arrays as well as tissue array related custom services.

Tissue Microarrays are modified microscopic glass slides with tissue samples providing adequate surface area for histologic evaluation by immunohistochemistry (IHC) or in situ hybridization (ISH).
Protein expression as well as localization of the protein, respectively of the encoding DNA or mRNA, can be analyzed by these standard techniques.
Up to 128 individual human tissues, either tumor samples or non neoplastic tissue samples, are delivered on a single slide. Information about age, sex, pathology diagnosis and if applicable the tumor stages of the donor material are all provided with the product.

The tissue array method permits the rapid molecular profiling of multiple tissue specimens and is therefore ideally suited for further analysis of candidate genes emerging from cDNA array experiments.
Tissue Arrays can also be used for the characterization of antibodies and for the tissue specific expression profiling of proteins and genes in situ. Human (Normal and diseased), & Mouse, Rat, and Monkey Tissue arrays with normal organs are available from BioCat.

BioCat is also pleased to offer customized tissue arrays and tissue section slides as well as IHC and ISH services.

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Frozen Tissue Microarrays
BioCat also offers frozen Tissue Microarrays, which are a need when antibodies don´t work with paraffin embedded tissue. Please check the species, tissue type, disease etc. in the “Tissue Related Overview" for availability.
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Description Cat# Size Price    
Gallbladder intraepithelial neoplasia tissue array, including TNM, stage and pathology grade, 45 cases/ 80 cores BIC44011a-2-BX 2 slides 609 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Gallbladder intraepithelial neoplasia tissue array, including TNM, stage and pathology grade, 45 cases/ 80 cores BIC44011a-5-BX 5 slides 1400 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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For detailed information, click on the species, tissue type, disease etc. of your interest in the Tissue Related Overview list.

Multi Species Tissue Products, Control Tissue Microarrays, and Tissue Microarray Services are also available.

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