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Total Protein Western Blots

BioCat´s Total Protein Western Blots are specifically designed for proteomics, gene discovery, and functional analysis. All products are manufactured using high quality total proteins from a wide variety of human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues, mouse, rat, monkey, and plant tissues.


- High sensitivity and low background
- Normalization based on the amount of protein used on blots
- Inter-blot control built into all BioChain blots
- Broad selection from a wide variety of tissues
- Suitable for both radioactive and non-radioactive detection
- Documentation of tissues´ clinical histories available upon request
- Identical format of BioChain Northern blots and paraffin tissue section panels are available
- cDNAs from the same tissues are also available for PCR detection from BioChain


- Identifying specific protein expression in a wide variety of tissues
- Determining protein size
- Analyzing protein expression patterns
- Comparing expression levels of novel proteins
- Examining alternative splicing and premature termination of specific proteins

Total Protein Western blots are manufactured with high quality proteins from documented tissues. The tissues are excised, immediately frozen, and then pathologically identified. Proteins are isolated from these tissues using proprietary techniques. The proteins are separated by SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis, and transferred onto a PVDF resp. nitrocellulose membrane. Human placenta protein is used as an inter-blot control lane in each BioChain blot for protein expression comparison between different blots. A 10 kd to 250 kd prestained protein marker can be visualized on each blot. These blots are suitable for use in both radioactive and non-radioactive detection. Total protein Western blots are supplied ready-to-use, so that you can immediately screen the protein of interest without the hassle of obtaining hard to find tissues and processing the proteins yourself.

Storage Conditions: Store blots at 4° C in sealed bag, away from light

BioCat offers custom designed Western Blots. Please call us for more information.



Description Cat# Size Price    
Human Cancer Tissue Premade Western Blot I (Brain Tumor, Colon Tumor, Kidney Tumor, Liver Tumor, Lung Tumor, Pancreas Tumor, Skin Tumor, Spleen Tumor, Stomach Tumor) 1542-PS 1 blot 538 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Human Cancer Tissue Premade Western Blot II (Colon Tumor, Duodenum Tumor, Esophagus Tumor, Small Intestine Tumor, Liver Tumor, Pancreas Tumor, Rectum Tumor, Stomach Tumor) 1543-PS 1 blot 538 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Human Cancer Tissue Premade Western Blot III (Bladder Tumor, Breast Tumor, Kidney Tumor, Ovary Tumor, Prostate Tumor, Testis Tumor, Ureter Tumor, Uterus Tumor) 1544-PS 1 blot 538 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Human Cancer Tissue Premade Western Blot IV (Kidney Tumor, Liver Tumor, Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Spleen Tumor, Thymoma, Thyroid Tumor, Tonsil Tumor) 1545-PS 1 blot 538 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 


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