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Stem Cell Research

iPSC Reprogramming

Rapidly generate induced pluripotent stem cells using the Episomal iPSC Reprogramming System that uses a non-viral, non-integrating, plasmid-based reprogramming technology.

Human and Mouse iPS Cell Lines

Directly compare the differentiated and the induced pluripotent state using retrovirus-reprogrammed human iPS cell lines and matched source fibroblasts.

Nonviral, non-integrative minicircle-based human iPS cell lines and nonviral phiC31 integrase-induced pluripotent mouse stem cell lines are also available.

Disease-specific Human iPS Cell Lines

Study the disease process more accurately with better models using iPS cell lines from patient-derived sources

Pluripotency Reporter Constructs

Confirm pluripotency and enrich for pluripotent stem cells with pluripotency reporter constructs.

Differentiation Reporter Constructs

Monitor cell differentiation in real-time and track 5 lineages, neural, hematopoietic, myogenic, structural and signaling, with differentiation reporter constructs.

Human Stem Cells

Use human stem cells from different sources to establish in vitro systems enabling studies of cell differentiation, growth and development.

Stem Cell Characterization

Verify the undifferentiated state of stem cells with alkaline phosphatase assays.

Stem Cell Fate Modulators

Apply stem cell fate modulators, cell-permeable small molecules like Y-27632, to modulate stem cell differentiation, self-renewal and reprogramming.

Stem Cell Growth & Differentiation Media

Select the stem cell growth and differentiation media specially formulated for the growth and expansion of your stem cells.

Overview of Tools for Stem Cell Research

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Peptide Microarrays

Peptide Microarray

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DNA Methylation Kits

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