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Trilencer-27 siRNA Sets

siRNA Overview

siRNA Trilencer-27 sets are dicer-substrate duplexes that provide two critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs. 27mer siRNA takes advantage of the natural processing by dicer producing 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms.

27mer dicer-substrate duplexes also evade the radar of the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells and initiates strong and specific gene silencing.

Features & Benefits

  • Genome-wide coverage against human, mouse and rat
  • 27mer dicer-substrate duplex for higher potency and minimal interferon response
  • Guaranteed gene knockdown (>=70%)
  • 3 gene-specific siRNAs, 1 negative control included

Download the siRNA-27 Application Guide

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