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Pooled shRNA Libraries

Cellecta Human Genome Wide shRNA Libraries with clonal barcodes optimized for NGS

Cloned shRNA

shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA constructs are next generation vector-based RNAi triggers generated using the proprietary shERWOOD algorithm developed in Dr. Gregory Hannon's laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

HuSH-29 Lentiviral shRNA constructs are sets of 4 unique 29mer shRNA constructs in the lentiviral GFP vector pGFP-C-shLenti. The 29-mer short hairpin design has been demonstrated to be more effective than shorter shRNA versions. Genome-wide coverage for human, mouse and rat.

Custom shRNA Knockdown Constructs

Our partner Cellecta provides complete services for custom constructs expressing shRNA targeted to any transcript. The constructs are provided in lentiviral vectors.

shRNA and siRNA Delivery

Lentiviral Packaging Systems are provided for the generation of pseudoviral particles with high titers for effective gene silencing even in primary and non-dividing cells.

siRNA Transfection Reagents especially developed for efficient delivery of siRNA even into hard-to-transfect adherent cells like adipocytes are offered.

RNAi Rescue

Clones from the comprehensive Full-Length cDNA Collections can be used to rescue a loss-of-function phenotype by expressing an orthologous gene from a related species.

Overview of Tools for Gene Silencing

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