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Protein Phosphorylation

We are offering a comprehensive portfolio of tools for studying protein phosphorylation:

* Array-based Systems for Protein Phosphorylation Profiling:

Full Moon Biosystems´ Phospho Antibody Chips contain phospho site specific antibodies as well as control antibodies for the non phosphorylated protein for several cell signalling pathways. You can measure changes in phosphorylation status at specific sites in treated/untreated resp. diseased/undiseased cell and tissue lysates as well as body fluids.

Raybio´s Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays contain phospho-specific antibodies to 71 different phosphorylated RTK´s. This enables you to simultaneously identify the relative phosphorylation levels of 71 different human receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) in cell lysates. The array is available in membrane based and glass based versions.

What is more RayBio offers further membrane based protein phosphorylation profiling arrays for monitoring pathway activation, offering a rapid and convenient alternative to standard immunoprecipitations and Western Blots.

* Cell Based ELISA Kits for Quantification of Protein Phosphorylation

The RayBio™ Cell-Based Protein Phosphorylation ELISA Kits are very rapid, convenient and sensitive assay kits which can be used for measuring the relative amount of protein phosphorylation and monitoring the effect of various treatment, inhibitors (such as siRNA or chemicals), or activators in cultured cell lines without preparing cell lysates and tedious Western Blot detection.
Cell-Based ELISA kits are available for general phospotyrosine quantification as well as for quantification of EGFR-, ERK 1/2-, JNK-, P38 MAPK-, Stat1-, Stat3-, and Stat5- phosphorylation.

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Simultaneously quantify up to 1,000 cytokines using glass-based antibody arrays

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TrueMAB Antibodies

TrueMab Antibodies

Use TrueMAB Monoclonal Antibodies raised against authentic protein antigens for immunoassays where a protein's native conformation is a critical parameter.

Protein Extraction

Protein Extraction

Apply spin column-based Minute Protein Extraction Kits for rapid and easy protein extraction and fractionation.

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