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ELISA Multiple Protein Strips Kits

• Multiplex - a single ELISA strip allows the measurement of 8 or 31 different cytokines
• Quantitative measurement of differences - unlike membrane-based array assays, the differences of individual proteins among samples can be quantitatively compared. In addition, protein standards are available for generating standard curves
• No need of capital equipment - unlike beads-based assays, no capital equipment is required
• Simple procedure -all in one system with a pre-coated plate

Human ELISA Strip Kits
In each well of the strip, a primary antibody against a specific cytokine is coated. 8 wells of the strip are coated with 8 different antibodies. Therefore, total 8 wells of a strip allow measurement of 8 different cytokines.
The test sample is allowed to react simultaneously with pairs of two antibodies, resulting in the cytokines being sandwiched between the solid phase and enzyme-linked antibodies. After incubation, the wells are washed to remove unbound-labeled antibodies. A HRP substrate, TMB, is added to result in the development of a blue color. The color development is then stopped with the addition of Stop Solution changing the color to yellow. The concentrations of the cytokines are directly proportional to the color intensity of the test sample. Absorbance is measured spectrophotometrically at 450 nm.

Human ELISA Plate Array
A 96-well white plate is divided into 3 sections, and each section has 4 columns for one sample. In each section, 31 of specific cytokine capture antibodies are coated on 31 wells respectively, and one well without coating any antibody is used as a blank well.

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Quantibody Arrays

Simultaneously quantify up to 1,000 cytokines using glass-based antibody arrays

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