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15% OFF* 3D Cell Culture & Bioprinting Reagents

Advance your biomedical research into new dimensions with powerful and robust hydrogels or with novel bioinks that can print without UV, heat curing or chemical cross-linking, developed by our partner TheWell Bioscience.

VitroGel - Xeno-free Functional Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture

VitroINK - Xeno-free Functional Bioink for 3D Bioprinting

*Expires 30 September 2021

RayBio Antibody Arrays

Simultaneously measure the expression of multiple proteins allowing a more comprehensive analysis of biological responses and functions and facilitating the identification of key factors or disease mechanisms.

20% OFF** RayBio Quantibody Arrays

Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

20% OFF** RayBio GS-Series Antibody Arrays

Semi-Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays. Same array print as the corresponding Quantibody Array without standards.

**Expires 31 December 2021

Norgen DNA, cfc-DNA, RNA, cfc-RNA & Exosomal RNA Purification 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Isolate high-quality, inhibitor-free DNA and RNA of all sizes from plasma/serum, urine, plant/fungi and cell culture media samples.

Elabscience One-Step TUNEL Assay Kits 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Select from a variety of highly sensitive, fast and easy-to-use TUNEL assays (FITC, AF488, AF594, EV450, AF647, AF555) for apoptosis detection in FFPE or frozen tissue samples or cells in situ.

OriGene Human, Mouse and Rat siRNA 27mer Oligo Duplexes Special Price!

Expires 30 September 2021

Take advantage of the natural processing by Dicer to obtain siRNAs with 10-fold higher potency and specificity compared to shorter 21mer RNAi forms.

BioCat Universal Agarose 30% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Rely on the highly pure molecular biology grade BioCat Universal Agarose for analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting.

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30% OFF BioCat Universal Agarose

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DNA Methylation Kits

Benefit from outstanding cytosine conversion rates and fast protocols using DNA Bisulfite Modification Kits

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