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25% OFF* RayBio ELISA Kits

High-Quality ELISA Kits for Many Research Interests

  • 4000 target analytes covering 15 different species
  • >3000 literature citations
  • Free analysis tool available
BioCat Special

20% OFF* RayBio Quantibody Arrays

Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

  • 130 kits available, targeting 10 species
  • Similar detection sensitivity as ELISA
  • Cytokine standards included
  • Only 50 µl sample needed to quantify up to 40 cytokines
  • No interference between capture antibodies
  • High-throughput compatible
  • Free analysis tool available

20% OFF* RayBio GS-Series Antibody Arrays

Semi-Quantitative, Sandwich-based, Glass Slide Antibody Arrays

Same array print as the corresponding Quantibody Array without standards.

*Expires 31 December 2021

Meridian Bioscience (Bioline) PCR and qPCR Products 20% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Enjoy our End-of-Year Promotion and stock up your PCR and qPCR enzymes, master mixes or kits.

Norgen DNA, cfc-DNA, RNA, cfc-RNA & Exosomal RNA Purification 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Isolate high-quality, inhibitor-free DNA and RNA of all sizes from plasma/serum, urine, plant/fungi and cell culture media samples.

Elabscience ELISA Kits and Antibodies 15% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Choose the ELISA kit or antibody specific for your target of interest.

TargetMol Compound Libraries 15% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Facilitate drug discovery and new indication research using compound libraries, including FDA-approved drug libraries and Anti-COVID-19 compound libraries.

Elabscience One-Step TUNEL Assay Kits 10% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Select from a variety of highly sensitive, fast and easy-to-use TUNEL assays (FITC, AF488, AF594, EV450, AF647, AF555) for apoptosis detection in FFPE or frozen tissue samples or cells in situ.

BioCat Universal Agarose 40% OFF

Expires 31 December 2021

Rely on the highly pure molecular biology grade BioCat Universal Agarose for analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting.

BioCat Special

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