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10% OFF* Saliva & Stool Sample Preparation

Preserve and safely transport saliva and stool samples at ambient temperature and isolate highest quality DNA & RNA.

  • Optimized Preservation Reagents
  • Superior Stability at Room Temperature
  • Highest Quality DNA & RNA
  • Unique Separation Matrix
  • Convenient Spin Column Format
  • Any Downstream Application

*Expires 31 August 2022

Elabscience ELISA Kits 20% OFF

Expires 15 July 2022

Select a QuicKey ELISA Kit to save time and precious samples without compromising high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and stability or pick a traditional ELISA kit for your target.

RayBio Membrane-Based Antibody Arrays (C-Series) 30% OFF

Expires 31 August 2022

Screen and compare expression levels of many cytokines, growth factors, proteases, soluble receptors and other proteins in a wide variety of sample types.

Global m6A & 5mC RNA Quantification Kits 10% OFF

Expires 31 July 2022

Accurately quantify the most common RNA modifications N6-methyladenosine (m6A) or 5-methylcytosine (m5C) in your RNA samples.

PrecisionShuttle Vectors 20% OFF

Expires 30 September 2022

Use the PrecisionShuttle System for easy subcloning of an ORF from one tagged vector to another.

Selected OriGene Recombinant Proteins 30% OFF

Expires 30 September 2022

Find your target of interest in our large collection of high-quality recombinant proteins expressed in HEK293 cells, bacteria, yeast or insect cells.

BioCat Universal Agarose 30% OFF

Expires 30 September 2022

Rely on the highly pure molecular biology grade BioCat Universal Agarose for analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting.

BioCat Special

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