Cells-to-Cts and QuantiMir RT Kit: Cell Lysis Buffer, DNAse I, and Small RNA Quantitation System Add to Cart

Cat#: RA422A-1-SBI
Quantity: 20 cell lysis / PolyA and RT rxns, sufficient for 5000 PCR or qPCR rxns
Price: 666 €
Supplier: System Biosciences
Shipping: Blue Ice
User Manual  

This kit consists of a complete QuantiMir Small RNA Quantitation System plus 2 ml Cells-to-Cts Lysis Buffer and 40 ul DNase I, enabling you to perform 20 lysis reactions optimized for QuantiMir conversion of miRNA or siRNA to PCR detectable cDNA and 20 QuantiMir reactions generating enough cDNA template for up to 5000 PCR reactions.

See links below for information about the QuantiMir System.

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QuantiMir RT Kit: Small RNA Quantitation System

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