iLenti-GFP siRNA Cloning and Expression Vector (HIV based) (BbsI linearized) Add to Cart

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ABM’s iLenti-EGFP expression system is an HIV lentiviral vector-based siRNA expression system with the following advantages:

• iLenti™ vectors are very stable and have the ability to grow in regular competent cells, which eliminates the need for special, stable competent cells
• iLenti™ uses convergent promoters to avoid hairpin loop structure design, thus cloned siRNA will be less likely to form secondary structures, allowing easier plasmid propagation and sequencing
• The convergent promoter design also enables longer siRNA designs of 27-29bp oligos, which have been shown to be more efficient than traditional 21mers in specific gene knockdown (Kim et al. 2005)
• iLenti™ significantly reduces the production cost of oligos, as ~33bp inserts are used instead of the >60bp oligos used in shRNA based systems
• The iLentiTM vector has a unique, single Bbs I restriction enzyme site in the multiple cloning site, which allows efficient, directional cloning of siRNA target sites
• Kanamycin / Neomycin Selection Marker
• EGFP reporter gene incorporated under the CMV promoter allows simultaneous tracking and sorting of expressed siRNAs in vivo and FACS sorting of successfully transduced cells
• Linearized & supercoiled vector, optimized packaging plasmids, packaging cell line, transfection reagent, and control vectors also available, either in a kit format or separately - see below
• Sequencing Primers available, either in kit formats or separately - see below
• Negative Control with a cloned scrambled sequence available separately


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