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The XCF Exosome DNA Isolation Kit is a simple, and efficient way to isolate exosomal DNA from numerous exosome preparations (e.g. ExoQuick, ultracentrifugation, OptiPrep, immunoaffinity capture, etc.) with <10 minutes of hands-on time.

• Complete in just a few quick spins
• Isolate DNA compatible with most downstream applications, such as qPCR and NGS
• Minimal carryover of co-precipitating proteins, such as albumin and IgG
• Good performance in sensitive downstream applications

With the XCF Exosome DNA Isolation Kit, you get everything you need to efficiently extract exosomal DNA from already isolated exosomes. Simply (1) resuspend your exosomes in the included DNA binding buffer, (2) load onto the spin column (may need to do multiple loads), (3) wash the spin column, (4) elute your sample.

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