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Cat#: TT100311-OR
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Viromer CRISPR, an efficient RNP delivery reagent - no need for electroporation

Using Cas9 protein and gRNA complexes (RNP) is the preferred method due to less off-target effects and leaving no foot-print. Viromer CRISPR was developed to transfect CRISPR RNP into cells at high efficiency.


• No need to use the cell machinery
• CRISPR components directly active upon transfection
• Skips the assembly step in the cytosol
• Active endosome escape leading to high CRISPR RNP transfection efficiency
• Better control of the Cas9 activity

Features and Benefits of Viromer CRISPR RNP Delivery Reagent

• Polymer-based
• High transfection efficiency
• Low cytotoxicity
• Gentle on cells: Low impact on cell viability and physiology
• Easily scalable, easy gRNA screening, suitable for HTS
• Adjustable amounts of delivered Cas9 and gRNA
• Rapid protein clearance
• Transient action limiting off-target cleavage
• No integration of Cas9 gene into the cell genome

RNP Transfection Data obtained with Viromer CRISPR Reagent

Viromer CRISPR successfully delivered CRISPR RNP into C2C12 and produced 50% genome editing: NP (fluorescence labeled gRNA) was delivered by Viromer CRISPR. Images taken 24 hrs post transfection. T7E1 assay was used to analyze genome editing efficiency.

CRISPR RNP (HPRT1 sgRNA and Cas9 Protein, Cat.# TP790148-OR) was transfected into A549 cells using Viromer CRISPR. Genome editing efficiency was analyzed with T7E1 assay.

RFP CRISPR RNP (RFP sgRNA and Cas9 Protein, Cat.# TP790148-OR) was delivered in HEK293 RFP stable cells by Viromer CRISPR. Images were taken 5 days post transfection.

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