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Quantity: 15597 Clones covering 12861 genes
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Lentiviral ORF Clones - Expression ready, V5 tagged

MGC premier human lentiviral ORF collection was developed by subcloning the Human ORFeome Collaboration Collection v 8.1 in a lentiviral vector backbone through the collaborative efforts of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute and the Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) - see reference Yang et al. below.
For added convenience the lentiviral ORF expression vector was created to enable expression of a protein of interest with a V5 fusion tag for western blot detection, puri­fication, co-immunoprecipitation, protein localization and FACS analysis.

pLX304 Vector: Lentiviral V5 Tag

The collection contains 15597 clones covering 12861 genes as glycerol stocks in 96-well plates.
As published in the supplemental reference below, all clones were sequenced by Next Generation Sequencing which revealed mutations in a substantial percentage of the clones. The mutated clones were left in the collection, as they might be of value for functional studies.
The number of clones without mutations in the collection is 10891 covering 9362 genes.

The information about all clones is available in the gene list - see link below.

Use of CCSB Human Lentiviral ORF Library for pooled overexpression screening
See reference paper from Dunn et al. and their supplemental protocol information (pdf downloads below) how to use this collection as pooled ORF library for over expression screening.

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Gene List of the CCSB LentiORF Collection
Yang et al.: Genome-scale lentiviral expression library
Supplemental Reference: NGS Results
Dunn et al.: Multiplexed interrogation of amplified genes
Supplemental Protocol: Pooled in vivo lentiviral ORF screen

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