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Map histone modifications or identify transcription factor and co-factor binding sites across the entire genome

• Low input requirement of just 50,000 cells per sample

• Optimized buffers and protocol allow minimal ChIP background and increased sensitivity and specificity of the ChIP reaction

• Highly efficient enrichment of targeted DNA. Enrichment ratio of positive to negative control > 500

• High sensitivity and flexibility allows both non-barcoded (singleplexed) and barcoded (multiplexed) DNA NGS library preparation

Service Workflow

Chromatin shearing

Chromatin immunoprecipitation

NGS Library preparation

Illumina-based sequencing

Bioinformatics Analysis

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Use ISOLATE II Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits for the purification of high-quality DNA and RNA.

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Clone Resources

BioCat Clone Resources

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Genome Engineering

Genome Engineering

Use the CRISPR/Cas9 SmartNuclease System to edit the genome.

ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC

ExoQuick Exosome Isolation

Benefit from the most cited exosome isolation reagent for efficient exosome isolation and exosomal RNA purification from biofluids or culture media.

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