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• Easy, non-radioactive, and highly sensitive assay
• Detect glucose uptake as low as 10 pmol/well

Figure 1. (a) 2-DG6P Standard curve (b) 2-DG uptake in 3T3-L1, human adipocyte and Hela cells. To scale on the same graph, data from 3T3-L1 cells is plotted at 10% of true value. Assays were performed following kit protocol. 2-DG = 2-deoxyglucose, I = Insulin; P = Phloretin.

Glucose uptake is an important biological process for studying cell signaling and glucose metabolism. Among many different methods available for measuring glucose uptake, 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) has been widely used because of its structural similarity to glucose. As with glucose, 2-DG can be taken up by glucose transporters and metabolized to 2-DG-6-phosphate (2-DG6P). 2-DG6P, however, cannot be further metabolized, and thus accumulates in the cells. The accumulated 2-DG6P is directly proportional to 2-DG (or glucose) uptake by cells. In BioVision’s glucose uptake colorimetric assay kit, the 2-DG6P is oxidized to generate NADPH, which can be determined by an enzymatic recycling amplification reaction. This easy to use non-radioactive kit is highly sensitive and can detect glucose uptake as low as 10 pmol/well.

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