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Cat#: K646-100-BV
Quantity: 100 assays
Price: 612 €
Supplier: BioVision
Shipping: Blue Ice
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• Simple 40 minutes procedure
• Detection range 0.0004 to 2 mg/ml

Glycogen is the primary short term energy storage molecule in animals, synthesized primarily in the liver and muscle. Glycogen is a branched glucose polymer, in α-1,4 linkage, with branching via α-1,6 linkage. Abnormal ability to utilize glycogen is found in diabetes and in several genetic glycogen storage diseases.

The kit is an easy and accurate assay to measure glycogen levels in biological samples. In the assay, glucoamylase hydrolyzes the glycogen to glucose which is then specifically oxidized to produce a product that reacts with OxiRed probe to generate color (570 nm) and fluorescence (Ex 535/Em 587). The assay can detect glycogen 0.0004 to 2 mg/ml.


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