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Synthetic single guide (sgRNA) for efficient genome editing: Pure, consistent, simple

CRISPR application requires 2 key functional elements: target-specific guide RNA and CAS9 enzyme. Scientists have created gRNA using multiple methods, such as transfection of gRNA-expression plasmids, in vitro transcription, or by annealing a short crRNA oligo with a tracrRNA scaffold.

Recently, synthetic single guide has been recognized as the preferred way for highly efficient and accurate editing. The synthetic single gRNA is a pure 100-mer RNA oligo that contains the target gRNA sequence and the tracrRNA scaffold in a single entity.

Synthetic sgRNA 100mer advantages

• Better efficiency and specificity
• Higher in vivo stability
• Ready-to-use, simple workflow
• No in vitro transcription, no inconsistencies
• No annealing/purification (as in the 2-oligo system)
• No worry for RNase carry-over from the source
• 100% DNA-free
• No risk of integrating foreign DNA into cell line
• Cost-effective
• Highly scalable for large numbers of experiments
• Fast delivery

Editing efficiency (solid bars) and consistency (error lines) of synthetic sgRNAs against in vitro transcribed (IVT) guide RNAs in HEK293T cells. The experiment was conducted by a third-party using three different gene targets and was replicated three times.

How can synthetic sgRNA be used?

• Transfection of sgRNA into a CAS9-expression cell line
• Transfection of RNP of sgRNA/CAS9 protein into target cells
• Transfection of sgRNA and a CAS9-expression plasmid into the target cells
• Transfection of sgRNA and CAS9 mRNA into the target cells
• Microinjection of sgRNA (together with Cas9 protein or mRNA) into embryo/cells

What will be delivered?

Synthetic CRISPR sgRNA (1nmol, sufficient for 10-20 transfections)
QC through Mass Spectrometry

How to order

Contact us by clicking below and send us the 17-20nt targeting sequence in a forward orientation (5´- 3´) as an RNA oligo sequence (A/U/G/C´s) for each synthetic sgRNA you like to receive.
We will automatically add an 80-mer scaffold to each of your sequences to form functional single guide RNAs.

We will send you a quotation.

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