EVeryRNA EV RNA Purification System & cDNA Synthesis Kit (includes EVery100A-1 and EVery200A-1) Add to Cart

Cat#: EVery300A-1-SBI
Quantity: 20 preps
Price: 792 €
Supplier: System Biosciences
Shipping: Dry Ice
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• Get quick (<2 hrs) and easy cDNA synthesis
• Find low abundance RNAs with the optional pre-amplification step
• Use with most downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR and miRNA profiling
• EVeryRNA cDNA Synthesis & Pre-Amplification Kit bundled with EVeryRNA EV Purification System for added convenience

Accelerate your EV biomarker studies
The EVeryRNA cDNA Synthesis & Pre-amplification Kit is optimized for use with the EVeryRNA EV Purification System. Together they provide high quality exosomal cDNA for your downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, miRNA profiling, and RNA-seq. The kit generates cDNA through poly(A) tailing of exoRNA followed by reverse transcription with MMLV Reverse Transcriptase. This method uses the template-switching oligonucleotide property of MMLV RT to generate cDNA molecules with two adaptor primers from both 5’- and 3’- ends, which can then be amplified with the included DNA Polymerase, if desired.

Demonstration of the excellent RNA yields and robust cDNA synthesis obtained with EVeryRNA

EVs were isolated from 250 µL of serum using SmartSEC Single, spiked in 0.1 pmol of Cel-miR-39, and used both the EVeryRNA EV Purification System and a phenol-based kit to isolate RNA. The isolated RNA was reverse transcribed using the EVeryRNA cDNA Synthesis & Pre-amplification Kit and the copy number of Cel-miR-39 measured. The EVeryRNA EV Purification System delivered similar levels of Cel-miR-39 as the phenol-based method.

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