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• High-yield exoRNA isolation completed in <30 minutes
• Phenol-level yields with a safer column-based method
• More RNA for each downstream reaction with EVeryRNA’s small-volume elutions
• Highly pure RNA by using the included DNaseI
• Compatible with RNA-seq, miRNA profiling and more
• Works with EVs isolated with commonly-used methods, such as ExoQuick, SmartSEC, and ultracentrifugation.

Overcoming many of the challenges with RNA isolation from extracellular vesicles (EVs), the EVeryRNA™ EV RNA Purification Kit is able to capture total EV RNA, including small RNAs. EVeryRNA is effective even with low amounts of input RNA and is capable of delivering high yields of highly pure RNA. Because the RNA elutes in a small sample volume, thus generating a highly concentrated prep, you can increase the amount of RNA used in a single downstream reaction for better data coverage quality.

How it works

The quick and easy EVeryRNA EV RNA purification workflow

Ability of the EVeryRNA EV RNA Purification System to capture the full range of RNAs

Lane 1: RNA from 10,000 cells, Lane 2: RNA from EVs that were isolated from 250 µL of serum using SmartSEC Single and Lane 3: RNA from buffer spiked with 0.1 pmol of Cel-miR-39. The high quality of the isolated RNA can be seen in lane 1, where the RNA integrity number (RIN) is 9.9 and the 28S/18S RNA ratio is 1.5. The multiple bands in lane 2 demonstrate that EVeryRNA captures RNAs of different lengths.

Compatibility of EVeryRNA with multiple EV isolation techniques

Figure 3.
EVeryRNA is compatible with EVs isolated using ExoQuick Ultra and SmartSEC Single and delivers excellent size distribution of RNAs isolated from those EVs.

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