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Custom Lentiviral sgRNA Expression Construct, plasmid and lentiviral particles (1 vector system) Add to Cart

Quantity: 25 ug and 1 x 10^6 ifu
Price: Please inquire
Supplier: Cellecta
Shipping: Dry Ice
Please note: Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms.
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Packaging Services for gRNA constructs in plasmids with Cas9 (One Vector System) are available for the following titers:

> 1 x 10^6 TU (standard titer)
> 2 x 10^6 TU (see order form/please inquire)
> 1 x 10^7 TU (see order form/please inquire)
> 2 x 10^7 TU (see order form/please inquire)
> 5 x 10^7 TU (see order form/please inquire)
> 1 x 10^8 TU (see order form/please inquire)

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