Recombinant Lentivirus Production Service, Regular Titer Virus of Individual Construct (>10^7 IFUs/ml) - XXL Size Add to Cart

Cat#: CS960XXL-1-GVO-SBI
Quantity: >1ml (>10^7 IFUs)
Price: 2819 €
Supplier: System Biosciences
Please note: Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms.
Data Sheet  

You provide

- Endotoxin-free 10 ug HIV-based 1 lentivector plasmid DNA 2
- Filled out plasmid information sheet (see data sheet link)

1 FIV-based lentiviral packaging service also available
2 We recommend EndoFree Plasmid Maxi Kit (Cat# 12362) from Qiagen for plasmid prep

Vector options
- SBI vector
- Other vector (please provide plasmid map for approval of suitability prior to ordering) - Inquire for quote.

Additional costs for shipping your samples to our service partner might apply - Please inquire for a quote.

You receive

- At least ten 25 ul aliquots of VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviral particles at the specified level of titer3
- Titer measurement based on infectious particles (through integrated copy number count4)

3 Titer guaranteed for SBI lentivectors
4 Vector must contain WPRE element for copy number count

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