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Cat#: CAS630A-1-GVO-SBI
Quantity: 2 x 10^6 cells
Price: 1132 €
Supplier: System Biosciences
Shipping: Dry Ice
Please note: Genetically modified organism (GVO), see General Terms.
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Streamline genome-wide screens

Premade HEK293 Cell Line with Cas9 stably integrated at AAVS1 Safe Harbor Locus

• Reliable, efficient genome-wide gRNA screens
• Simplified single or multiple gene knock-ins with Cas9 already active in cells

Stable AAVS1 Cas9 HEK293 Cell Line: High-expression of the Cas9 gene at the AAVS1 locus in HEK293 cells, as determined by qPCR (left panel). A Surveyor Assay of high expressing clones #8 and #17 shows that Cas9 is functional - arrow corresponds to band indicative of Cas9-mediated cleavage event, which is not present in untransfected cells.

With SBI´s Cas9/HEK293 cells, you can go directly to transfection of your gRNAs and assessment of the biology - no need to spend time cloning Cas9 into the genome.

And when you need Cas9 expression from other cell types, you can turn to SBI´s AAVS1 Cas9-gene donor vector or the corresponding kit including the AAVS1 gRNA/Cas9 vector in addition and integrate Cas9 into the AAVS1 safe harbor site in the cells of your choice - see links below.

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