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AAVS1 Safe Harbor Cas9 Knock-In Donor Vector (AAVS1-SA-puro-EF1-hspCas9) Add to Cart

Cat#: CAS620A-1-SBI
Quantity: 10 ug
Price: 1151 €
Supplier: System Biosciences
Shipping: RT
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Streamline genome-wide screens and generation of stable Cas9 cell lines

Easily express Cas9 at AAVS1:

• Reliable, efficient genome-wide gRNA screens
• Simplified single or multiple gene knock-ins with Cas9 already active in cells
• AAVS1 Cas9 Knock-In Donor Vector available separately or in a combination kit with
AAVS1 gRNA/Cas9 SmartNuclease Expression Vector (see link below)
• Premade HEK293 Cell Line with Cas9 stably integrated at AAVS1 Safe Harbor Locus available (see link below)

AAVS1 Safe Harbor Cas9 Knock-In Donor Vector

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