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HT Bar-Code Sequencing of Genomic DNA from Genetic Screen done with Cellecta Library Add to Cart

Quantity: NGS Profiling Data (500 reads/barcode, up to 50 M total reads)
Price: 1820 €
Supplier: Cellecta
Please contact us for further information.

HT Sequencing and Analysis

Cellecta pooled lentiviral libraries are provided with a complete protocol and all sequencing information to enable researchers to perform high throughput genetics screens and analysis.
For laboratories needing support for this analysis, we also provide Cellecta´s Next-Gen Sequencing and Analysis Service.

You provide BioCat with genomic DNA obtained from your cells after screening for each time point or treatment condition, Cellecta does the rest:

• Amplifies shRNA-specific barcodes* or gRNA sequences
• Performs HT sequencing on the Illumina HiSeq
• Deconvolutes sequencing data / Enumerates Barcodes or gRNA from raw sequencing data
• Provides a HT Sequencing Service Report with the relative abundance of each shRNA or gRNA sequence in each population; you receive an excel file with enumeration data (counts) of each shRNA or gRNA

Academic institutions can obtain discounted prices. Also for multiple samples, bulk pricing is available. Please ask for a quotation (see link below)

Other available services: (please ask for a quotation):

• HT Bar-Code Sequencing of DNA (>100 M Reads)
• HT Bar-Code Sequencing of Cell Pellets (>20 M Reads)
• HT Bar-Code Sequencing of Cell Pellets (>100 M Reads)
• HT Bar-Code Sequencing of Tumors (>20 M Reads)
• HT Bar-Code Sequencing of Tumors (>100 M Reads)

• NGS Service Report
• Additional bioinformatics and pathway analysis

* Cellecta shRNA libraries contain barcodes compatible with the Illumina High-Throughput (HT) Sequencing platform and provide accurate reads. Cellecta gRNA libraries do not contain barcodes, as gRNA sequences are less complex and can be sequenced directly.

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