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Cat#: 68300-NB
Quantity: 50 preps
Price: 1655 €
Supplier: Norgen
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• For rapid and simple simultaneous purification of all sizes of cell-free circulating DNA (cfc-DNA), and circulating tumour DNA (Ct-DNA) and circulating/exosomal RNA, including microRNA from the same plasma/serum sample
• Versatile plasma/serum input ranging from 1 mL to 6 mL
• No phenol extractions or carrier RNA
• Minimal high molecular weight gDNA contamination in the purified cfc-DNA
• Bind and elute all RNA irrespective of size or GC content, without bias
• Concentrate circulating RNA and exosomal RNA into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µL to 50 µL
• Purify superior-quality and superior-quantity RNA in 45 minutes
• Fully automated purification procedure on Hamilton MicroLab Nimbus
• Purified RNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications, including Small RNA Sequencing.

Norgen’s cfc-DNA/cfc-RNA Advanced Fractionation Kit provides a fast, reliable and simple procedure for the fractionation of the highest quality and quantity of all sizes of circulating DNA and circulating RNA from various amounts of plasma/serum ranging from 1 mL up to 6 mL into two separate elutions.
Purification is based on using Norgen’s proprietary resin separation matrix. The kits are designed to isolate total cfc-nucleic acid from either fresh, preserved or frozen plasma/serum samples. Moreover, these kits allow the user to elute the purified cfc-RNA and cfc-DNA into a flexible elution volume ranging from 25 µL to 50 µL. The purified plasma/serum total cfc-nucleic acid is eluted in an Elution Solution that is compatible with all downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, methylation-sensitive PCR and Southern Blot analysis, microarrays and NGS.

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