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* Concentrate and desalt up to 4 mg of urine protein in 45 minutes
* Convenient spin column format
* No molecular weight cutoff

Urine protein analysis can be used for the identification of potential biomarkers in urine, and to diagnose and/or monitor renal and other diseases. Due to the fact that urine can be collected more readily and conveniently than blood, it provides an attractive alternative to blood plasma as a potential source of disease biomarkers.

The ProteoSpin ™ Urine Protein Concentration Maxi Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for concentrating dilute solutions of urine proteins from large volumes of urine. The kit employs spin-column chromatography using Norgen’s patented protein resin as an ion exchanger. Urine proteins will bind to the column, while non-specifically bound materials such as salts are easily removed from the sample. Each spin column is able to concentrate and desalt up to 4 mg of urine proteins (maximum urine input volume 20 ml)


Concentration of Urine Proteins: Urine proteins are concentrated many-fold using the ProteoSpin Urine Protein Concentration Maxi Kit. Lane A contains 20 uL of a urine sample that was used as the input, while Lane B contains 5 uL of the elution, Lane C contains 10 uL of the elution, and Lane D contains 20 uL of the elution . By comparing lanes A and D (equal volume amounts of input and output), it can clearly be seen that the urine proteins have been highly concentrated though the use of the kit.

Kit Components:
Column Activation and Wash Buffer 130 mL
pH Binding Buffer 8 mL
Stabilizer 2 mL
Elution Buffer 16 mL
Neutralizer 2 mL
Maxi Spin Columns (assembled with collection tubes) 4
Elution tubes (50 mL) 4
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ProteoSpin™ Urine Protein Concentration Maxi Kit Benefits

* Fast and easy processing - Efficiently process 4 samples in approximately 45 minutes using an easy-to-use protocol.
* Complete kit- All columns and solutions required are provided.
* No molecular weight cutoff - Based on an ion exchange mechanism, a broad size range of proteins can be processed.
* Proteins bind while salts are discarded in flowthrough - Norgen’s resin has an inherent low affinity for salt, and high affinity for proteins - providing salt removal and protein concentration simultaneously.

* Suitable for a whole range of downstream applications - Final elution suitable for:

• 2D Gel Electrophoresis
• Whole Protein Mass Spectrometry
• Protein Microarrays

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