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Obtain and solubilize inclusion bodies and purify the proteins all with 1 kit

The ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Isolation Maxi Kit facilitates the isolation of recombinant proteins expressed in the form of inclusion bodies from E. coli.
You can analyze 100 mL of microbial cell culture yielding 12 mg of protein.

The kit includes reagents specially formulated to achieve rapid and high-quality purification of inclusion body proteins using three processes:

1. Lysis of bacterial cells to release inclusion bodies in solid form
2. Solubilization of purified inclusion bodies
3. Purification of the recombinant protein using spin column chromatography

The ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Isolation Maxi Kit employs spin-column chromatography using Norgen’s proprietary resin as an ion exchanger.
Each spin column is able to purify up to 12 mg of recombinant protein from 100 mL of bacterial culture. The kit is designed to purify both acidic and basic proteins.


ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Isolation Maxi Kit Contents

Each ProteoSpin™ Inclusion Body Isolation Maxi Kit provides the following essential components for use with the provided protocols:

Cell Lysis reagent (also available seperately, see link below)
Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent (also available seperately, see link below)
Column Activation and Wash Buffer for Acidic Proteins
pH Binding Buffer for Acidic Proteins
Column activation and wash buffer for basic proteins
pH Binding Buffer for Basic Proteins
Elution Buffer
ProteoSpin™ Maxi Spin Columns
Collection Tubes
Elution Tubes
Product Protocol Insert

Customer-supplied Reagents and Equipment:

Benchtop centrifuge (capable of spinning 50 mL conical tubes)
Centrifuge (capable of spinning 40 mL tubes and 250 mL bottles)
Centrifuge tubes (40 mL)
50 mL conical tubes
Sterile 100 mL bottles
Sterile, deionized water or Milli-Q water

ProteoSpin Inclusion Body Isolation Kit Benefits

* Three kits in one for acidic and basic proteins - The kit provides essential reagents for cell disruption, inclusion body solubilization and purification using spin column chromatography. The kit includes solutions and protocols for use with either acidic or basic proteins.
* Gentle disruption procedure provides high purity final product - Cell lysis is accomplished through non-ionic detergent chemical disruption. The use of a needle and syringe reduces viscosity and facilitates purification, producing protein often >95% pure. Proteins are then ready for SDS-PAGE, 2D gels, mass spectrometry analysis or other procedures.
* Convenient process volume - Analyze 100 mL of microbial cell culture yielding 12 mg of protein.
* Long shelf life - The kit uses an enzyme-free process with stable solutions for longer shelf life.
* Fast processing time - Processing time is about 2 hours for a single sample.


Mass Spectrometry
Refolding Experiments

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