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Supplier: Norgen
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The ProteoSpin™ On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit provides a fast and simple procedure for the generation of purified peptides.
The kit is highly efficient in the enzymatic digestion of simple and complex protein samples using trypsin, and the subsequent purification of the resulting peptides. Purification is based on spin column chromatography using Norgen’s proprietary resin as the separation matrix. Both the proteins and nonactive enzyme are bound to the column, while salts and other non-specifically bound materials are washed away. The trypsin is then activated, and peptides are generated and purified on the column.

Each column in the ProteoSpin™ On-Column Protelytic Digestion Kit is able to process, digest and purify samples containing up to 15 µg of protein. The peptides generated are complete, with no additional artifacts being detected in mass spectrometry. The simultaneous protein digestion and volumetric concentration of the purified peptides makes the kit a convenient method for preparing peptides to be analyzed by many downstream applications.


ProteoSpin™ On-Column Proteolytic Digestion Kit Contents:

Each kit provides the following essential components for use with the provided protocols:

Column Equilibration and Wash Buffer
Column pH Binding Buffer
Column Activation Buffer
Micro Spin Columns
Elution Tubes
Product Insert

Customer-supplied Reagents and Equipment:

Benchtop microcentrifuge
pH indicator paper
37C incubator
Trypsin (sequencing grade)

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