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Price: 139 €
Supplier: Norgen
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The Norgen Gel Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid purification of DNA fragments from agarose gels.
The kit allows for the removal of agarose, enzymes, dNTPs, ethidium bromide, dyes and detergents from the DNA fragment. The recovered DNA is of a high quality, and is suitable for a number of downstream applications including restriction enzyme digestions, ligations, labeling, hybridizations and sequencing.

The kit employs the use of a proprietary resin for DNA purification. This resin is an extremely inert and stable substance and is able to preferentially bind nucleic acids in the presence of high salts and low pH. Elution of the DNA is then dependent on a low salt concentration and higher pH conditions


Broad Size Range of Target DNA and High Yield

A 261 bp fragment (lane C1), a 630 bp fragment (lane C2) and a 1,058 bp fragment (lane C3) were recovered using both Norgen’s kit (N1-N3) and a competitor’s kit (Y1-Y3).

Features and Benefits:

» High Yield: Recovery is up to 90% for inputs of >1 ug.
» Versatile: Purify DNA fragments from 50 bp to 10 kb
» Effective: Purified DNA performs well in downstream applications
» High Column Capacity: Bind up to 10µg of DNA
» Fast: 15 minutes to complete procedure
» Complete: Kits contain all columns and solutions required

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User Manual
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Norgen DNA Purification Guide

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