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How It Works


RayBio IQELISAs employ specific capture antibodies coated on a 96-well PCR plate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells; the target protein in the standards and samples binds to the immobilized antibody. The wells are washed and the detection affinity reagent is added to the wells where it binds to any captured antigen. The wells are washed, and primers and PCR master mix are added to each well. The plate is placed into a real time PCR instrument for cycling and measurement of DNA amplification. The cycle number where amplification is detected is proportional to the amount of affinity detection reagent that bound to captured antigen in each well.

Immuno-qPCR Ultrasensitive ELISA

IQELISA - Less Sample, More Sensitivity

The RayBio Immuno-Quantitative ELISA (IQELISA) Kits are an innovative assay platform that combines the specificity and ease of use of an ELISA with the sensitivity of real-time PCR. Also called immuno-PCR, this detection platform results in an assay that is simultaneously familiar and cutting edge. Compared to traditional ELISA, IQELISA enables the use of only 1/10th the sample volume while also providing 10x more sensitivity.
IQELISAs are designed for the quantitative detection of protein levels in biological fluids. They are ideally suited for the confirmation of antibody array results and the validation of biomarker discovery studies.

  • 10x more sensitive than ELISA
  • Use as little as 10µl per sample
  • Familiar ELISA workflow
  • Optimized for serum, plasma, urine and cell culture medium
  • Compatible with most qPCR machines

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