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The advantages of long-read sequencing - The convenience of your existing sequencing infrastructure

Loop Genomics

The advent of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has revolutionized our ability to read the genetic code, bringing about tremendous progress in our understanding of how biology is encoded in DNA and in medical diagnostics.
While the throughput of NGS has improved by orders of magnitude compared to Sanger sequencing, NGS is limited to reading DNA in short segments of 150-300 nucleotides at a time. Biology, however, is not encoded in stretches of 150 nucleotides, but in much longer segments of DNA and RNA spanning many thousands of nucleotides.

Loop Genomics has developed a synthetic long-read sequencing technology that leverages existing Illumina short-read sequencers coupled with LoopSeq barcoding technology to enable single-molecule, long-read sequencing on any Illumina infrastructure. LoopSeq sequencing technology can provide additional, previously inaccessible layers of information from Illumina sequencers for a wide variety of sequencing applications as diverse as Microbiome, Transcriptome, Targeted Amplicons and others.

Long-Read Single Molecule Sequencing on Illumina Platforms

  • Highly accurate long-read sequencing
  • Leverages your existing short-read sequencing infrastructure
  • Delivers lower error rates than other approaches
  • Uses a simple, one-tube workflow
  • Applications: Microbiome, Transcriptome, Genome, Amplicon

LoopSeq Workflow

The power of the LoopSeq approach stems from the unique, proprietary barcoding technology and implementation.

The LoopSeq workflow is simple, streamlined, and leverages your existing sequencing instrument.

Each LoopSeq Kit, see links below, comes with all the reagents to get from extracted genomic DNA or RNA to a sequencing-ready library (except magnetic purification beads, e.g. SPRI). You securely upload your Illumina short-read sequencing data on Loop´s cloud-based pipeline run on Microsoft’s Azure. Loop Genomics performs the complete bioinformatic analysis at no additional cost and you receive the assembled FASTQ long-read files as well as CSV files with classification and abundance data.

Available Kits

LoopSeq 16S Microbiome 24-plex Kit
LoopSeq 16S & 18S Microbiome 24-plex Kit
LoopSeq 16S Microbiome SSC 24-plex Low Biomass Kit

Simplify microbial metagenomics studies with LoopSeq Kits that deliver more comprehensive and accurate species identification and relative quantitation than any other method.

LoopSeq Transcriptome Kit

Perform UMI-based transcript counting and full-length mRNA sequencing with a single kit! Gain deeper insights into the transcriptome at unparalleled levels of accuracy.

LoopSeq DNA Kit

Get long-read sequencing from any linear dsDNA! This kit delivers all the advantages of LoopSeq’s long-read, low error rate technology with PCR products, genomes, and metagenomes.

Custom Services

16S rRNA & 16S/18S rRNA Sequencing and Data Analysis
Transcriptome Sequencing and Profiling

Interested in a service project? It’s as simple as sending your extracted DNA or RNA samples to us and we’ll get the data and a full computational analysis back to you.

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