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Gene Bridges

Gene Bridges was founded in 2000 as a specialist DNA engineering company providing kits and services based on Red/ET Recombination, the patented recombineering technology developed at EMBL Heidelberg. Red/ET Recombination permits the engineering of DNA in E. coli using homologous recombination mediated by phage protein pairs, either RecE/RecT or Reda/Redb. Recombineering with Red/ET differs from other DNA engineering technologies, such as cutting and pasting with restriction enzymes, PCR, DNA ligase, because it is:

  • not limited by DNA size
  • independent of restriction sites

Red/ET Recombination

  • Easy subcloning and modification of BACs
  • Flexible generation of gene targeting/knockout constructs
  • E. coli strain modification
  • Independent of restriction sites
  • No size limit
  • No unwanted mutations
  • Time saving - days instead of months

Recombineering with Red/ET allows cloning, subcloning and modification of DNA at any chosen position. It permits precise engineering of DNA molecules of any size, including very large ones such as BACs or the E. coli chromosome.

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