3D Cell Culture Technology - Mimicking in vivo Performance

Established in 2014 and based in Denmark, our key partner CelVivo is dedicated to deliver products which allow researchers to grow cell and tissue models with functionality that mimics living organism. Based on several years of intensive and multidisciplinary research, CelVivo has developed the next generation 3D cell culture system: The ClinoStar®, launched in 2021.

The key principle in the ClinoStar® system is to eliminate the bias of having active diffusion over the cell/tissue constructs without introducing excessive sheer stress. Solving this bias is necessary for regaining and/or retaining in vivo-like functionality over time.

CelVivo's user-friendly standalone ClinoStar® system provides researchers with a unique tool for creating models making research more relevant and reproducible. The system is wirelessly operated by an intuitive software, equipped with high-quality cameras, and offers 6 individual holders for ClinoReactors.

ClinoReactors are easy to use disposable bioreactors for the ClinoStar®, which provide means for long-term culture with minimal risk of infections and cross contaminations. 

Products / Services / Applications

    1. ClinoStar Incubator
    2. ClinoReactors