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ChIP Sequencing

EpiNext™ ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit

Complete Set for ChIP and Library Preparation.

The EpiNext ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Illumina) is a complete set of reagents required for carrying out a successful ChIP-Seq starting from mammalian cells or tissues. The kit is designed to selectively enrich a chromatin fraction containing specific DNA sequences from various species, particularly mammals, and to prepare a ChIP-Seq library for next generation sequencing using Illumina platforms such as Illumina Genome Analyzer II, HiSeq and MiSeq systems.

  • Minimal ChIP background
  • Highest capture efficiendy for ChIP
  • For both singleplexed and multiplexed library preparation
  • Fast (< 7h)
  • Minimal bias by optional PCR-free step

The optimized protocol and components of the kit allow capture of low abundance protein/DNA complexes with minimized non-specific background levels and the ability to construct both non-barcoded (singleplexed) and barcoded (multiplexed) ChIP-Seq libraries quickly with reduced bias.

Workflow EpiNext ChIP-Seq High-Sensitivity Kit (Ilumina).

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