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Next Generation Sequencing

New! Accel-NGS Unique Dual Indexing Kits

Less Sequencing Errors. Better Data Quality.

  • Increased multiplexing capacity - Sequence up to 96-plexed libraries.
  • Improved target enrichment solutions - Reduce read misassignment due to PCR-induced chimerism during multiplexed hybrid capture.
  • Better data quality on patterned flow cells - Reduce read misassignment due to index hopping.

The new Accel-NGS Unique Dual Indexing Kits are specifically designed and optimized for any Illumina platform and can be used for a wide variety of kits and applications.

To find the NGS DNA Library Preparation Kit optimized for your application, see our Selection Guide

NGS Library Preparation Kits & Services

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NGS Services









  • ChIP-seq services for mapping of histone modification and protein binding sites across the genome.

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