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Next Generation Sequencing
Illumina Platforms

Next generation sequencing (NGS), is a method of non-Sanger-based high-throughput DNA sequencing in which millions or even billions of DNA strands can be sequenced in parallel. This massively parallel sequencing technology has transformed biological research, offering an unparalleled level of data collection, invigorating the field of genomics and revolutionizing the potential for understanding our genetic basis. As access to technology increases and costs become more affordable, NGS-based research and applications will continue to grow.

BioCat offers a comprehensive suite of products and technologies to facilitate sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing on Illumina platforms, including kits for library preparation and target enrichment.

We also provide NGS services, see below. It’s as simple as sending your extracted DNA or RNA samples to us and we’ll get the data back to you and your team.

Library Preparation


Short Reads

Long Reads


Short Reads

Long Reads

Targeted Sequencing


DNA Bisulfite Sequencing

RNA Bisulfite Sequencing


CUT&RUN-sequencing and CUT&Tag-sequencing

Hi-C and HiChIP Sequencing

  • Arima-HiC - Simplified and Robust Chromosome Conformation Capture
  • Arima-HiChIP - Efficient Capture of Chromatin Looping (3D) and ChIP Enrichment (1D)

Library Normalization

NGS Services

Interested in a service project?

Here are the services we provide. Just click one of the links for more information and to request a quote.
No matter what organism and type of sample you are working on, contact us today to learn how the NGS services provided can bring success to your next sequencing project.