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MGC premier cDNA Clones Special
Largest Collection of Full-Length cDNA Clones

Full length, sequence-verified cDNA clones

MGC premier cDNA clones from transOMIC provide the highest sequence quality and confidence when purchasing pre-made full length cDNA clones.

  • Ideal for native protein expression
  • Full insert sequence easily available
  • Best value on the market today

Based on the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with rigorous sequence analysis resulting in less than 1 error in 50,000 bp (MGC Project Team 2009). All MGC premier cDNA clones are backed by a 100% guarantee to be an exact match to the published sequence.

Full length, sequence-verified cDNA clones are available for human, mouse, rat, bovine, Xenopus and zebrafish genomes. These collections are available as individual cDNA clones, rearrays of cDNA clones for gene families and pathways as well as genome libraries.

Sequence Verification
Sequence Verification is a risk free option that guarantees your requested clone ID. This service removes the small chance of receiving one of the wrong clones that are inherent in all large libraries and can save you time. Your clones will be end-sequenced before they are sent to you. You only pay for the clones that BLAST match with the clone ID you requested. Therefore, you never receive a product that you have not ordered. Successfully verified clones (>95% identity after quality clipping) will be shipped to you, a BLAST report is included. You will be notified about the clones that fail verification. No charge will be made for failed clones.

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