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LUNA-II YF Automated Yeast Cell Counter

Cat# Size Price  
L50001-LG 1 device 5500.00 € Add to Cart

Yeast strains used in food and drink production can be notoriously clumpy. The LUNA-II YF™ has an autofocusing cell counting and declustering algorithm that counts individual yeast cells in just 15 seconds.

Product Description

As is well-known in brewing and winemaking industries, the quantity of yeast pitched to initiate fermentation directly affects the flavor, aroma, and quality of the final product. Although yeast can be pitched by weight or volume, such methods are inexact and highly variable. The ASBC method using methylene blue method is more accurate but time consuming and subjective. Use the LUNA-II YF™ to get accurate and reproducible yeast cell counts in as little as 15 seconds. This little counter sits comfortably in a cell culture hood or on your benchtop to fit seamlessly into your workflow.


Cat#   Size Price  
L12005-LG PhotonSlide 1 box  (50 Slides / 100 Counts) 108.00 € Add to Cart
L12006-LG PhotonSlide 10 boxes  (500 Slides / 1000 Counts) 984.00 € Add to Cart
L12007-LG PhotonSlide 20 boxes  (1000 Slides / 2000 Counts) 1805.00 € Add to Cart
L12011-LG LUNA Reusable Slide 1 unit  348.00 € Add to Cart
L12012-LG LUNA Reusable Slide 2 units  575.00 € Add to Cart
L12014-LG LUNA Reusable Slide Coverslips 10 units  130.00 € Add to Cart
F23001-LG Acridine Orange / Propidium Iodide Stain 2 x 0.5 ml  140.00 € Add to Cart
F23002-LG Acridine Orange Stain 2 x 0.5 ml  140.00 € Add to Cart
F23003-LG Propidium Iodide Stain 2 x 0.5 ml  140.00 € Add to Cart
F53002-LG Cell Dilution Buffer II 5 x 20 mL  354.00 € Add to Cart
F23202-LG Yeast Viability Kit 1 1 Kit  269.00 € Add to Cart
F23102-LG LUNA Fluorescence Calibration Beads 1 x 0.5 ml  139.00 € Add to Cart
P10001-LG LUNA Printer 1 device  600.00 € Add to Cart
P12001-LG LUNA Printer Paper 3 x 2 rolls  23.00 € Add to Cart

Download LUNA-II YF™ Brochure
We’ve independently tested 30+ brewing yeast products on the LUNA-II YF™. Visit the cell DB for a partial list.

Download LUNA-II YF ™ Quick Start Guide
Fast automated yeast cell counting algorithm using bright-field and fluorescence microscopic images

Download LUNA-II YF™ User Manual


Performance Data



Performance Data


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