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Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) RNA Master Mix

Sensitive RNA detection with an easy-to-use RNA LAMP (RT-LAMP) Master Mix
• Loop mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP): Facilitates running amplification reactions with simplified instrumentation

• Master Mix Format: Streamlines reaction setup while reducing potential handling errors

• Minimal Optimization: Focuses optimization on the two critical reaction parameters -
primer design and reaction temperature

• Lyophilization-ready: Avoids redesign of assays to remove components known to inhibit lyophilization - all components are lyophilization-compatible

• Custom OEM Product Customizable: Once primers are optimized with the LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix, we can work with you to generate bulk reagents that match your specific needs – contact us

Both LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix kits contain: LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix, RNA Positive Control LAMP Primer Mix, and RNA Positive Control. The LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix with Dye also contains Green Fluorescent Dye for fluorescent detection of amplified DNA. The Green Fluorescent Dye is also available separately.

You can also purchase all components of the mastermix in a component kit with separate vials for those. See below.

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Technical Details
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Description Cat# Size Price    
LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix 30086-1-LU 200 rxn 489 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
LavaLAMP RNA Master Mix with Dye 30087-1-LU 200 rxn 490 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit 30096-1-LU 500 rxns 462 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
LavaLAMP RNA Component Kit with Dye 30097-1-LU 500 rxns 493 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
Green Fluorescent Dye 30078-2-LU 200 rxn 55 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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