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Inducible Single Promoter Expression Vector for cDNA and microRNA

The All-in-one PiggyBac Cumate Switch Vector is leak-proof
The inducible PiggyBac vector features the ultra-tight cumate switch combined with the EF1-CymR repressor-T2A-Puro cassette to establish stable cell lines. Expression of your cDNA or microRNA of interest can be switched on simply by adding cumate to the cells. The all-in-one single vector format offers superior control of induction with no background leakiness.





Description Cat# Size Price    
Cumate solution (10,000x high concentration) for use with PiggyBac inducible vectors PBQM100A-1-SBI 0,5 ml 183 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 
PiggyBac-Cuo-MCS-IRES-GFP-EF1-CymR-Puro Inducible cDNA Cloning and Expression Vector PBQM812A-1-SBI 10 ug 1078 € DETAILS   Add to Cart 

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